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PMWC's "Most Promising Company" Competition will feature selected companies in the Personalized Medicine field showcasing their technologies. Participating companies gain exposure and establish connections with potential partners and clients. Companies selected to present are listed below.

The PMWC 2012 Company Competition is co-hosted by: PRESCIENCE INTERNATIONAL

Click here to learn more about how to compete.


is a medical technology company focused on advancing women’s reproductive health by applying its novel scientific and clinical knowledge of early human developmental biology to the field of assisted reproduction and in vitro fertilization procedures.


is a Swiss proteomics company dedicated to bringing Personalized Health Monitoring to clinics and finally end-consumers. Biognosys proprietary protein analysis platform matches the scale of genomics and enables full proteome profiling in a time- and cost-effective manner.

Cynvenio Biosystems

develops novel technologies that enable the comprehensive molecular analysis of cancer through circulating tumor cells isolated from a simple blood draw of individual patients.


has developed a combined home screening device integrated with an electronic personal health record for patients undergoing treatment for retinal disease. This platform will act as a tool for patient empowerment and improved outcomes while decreasing cost and potential complications associated with over or under treatment.

DVS Sciences

manufactures and globally distributes novel bioanalytical solutions for use in biomarker discovery, biological research and potential future use in clinical applications. The patented multi-parameter technology comprises a high-throughput mass cytometer for quantitative individual cell analysis, CyTOF, and a suite of MAXPAR reagents.


discovers and develops small molecule histone methyltransferase (HMT) inhibitors, a new class of personalized therapeutics for the treatment of genetically-defined cancer patients based on breakthroughs in the field of epigenetics.

Expression Pathology

advances personalized medicine with assays measuring tumor signaling networks – at the functional protein level — in routine formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) patient tissue to individualize and improve cancer treatment decisions. The Company develops its own proprietary tests for disease progression and drug response.


is a personalized medicine business that works with individual patients and their oncologists. They perform full genome analysis of a patient's biopsy samples and apply proprietary methodologies (patent pending) to identify mechanisms driving the specific cancer. GeneKey also identifies available drugs and/or clinical trials that target that mechanism, and work with the oncologists to design a therapeutic strategy.

Genia Technologies

core technology is the biological nanopore, which reduces the price of sequencing and increases speed, accuracy, and sensitivity by moving away from enzyme-based sequencing methods and optical detection.


is focused on using genetic markers as part of an integrated approach to psychiatry. Their product, the Genecept™ Assay, combines proprietary genetic tests and an analytical report to be used by clinicians. In addition, the Genecept Assay is coupled with Genomind psychopharmacologist assistance for clinicians, together with emerging education and information concernaing neuropsychiatric disorders and pharmacogenomics.


is developing a proprietary droplet microfluidics method to perform massively parallel genetic analysis of single cells. Their technology has diverse applications in across a range of diseases that affect millions of people each year.

Integrated Diagnostics

is creating large-scale, blood-based molecular diagnostics that leverage advances in proteomics and genomics to detect disease at its earliest stage.


sells innovative diagnostic and consultative healthcare services for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to physicians, combining high-value genetic testing with comprehensive, personalized consultative services.

Linkage Biosciences

is a molecular diagnostics company developing and marketing products that dramatically improve and expedite complex genetic testing.


has developed and owns all worldwide rights to the foremost breath test for cancer. They have developed and tested an artificial olfactory sensor technology that recognizes the molecular fingerprint of the disease signature in breath.

Microsonic Systems

has developed Microprocessor for Life Sciences™ is based on its patented and proprietary Bulk Lateral Ultrasonic (BLU)™ technology increases by 10x the speed and efficiency (yield) of DNA shearing, a critical step in preparing DNA samples for sequencing.


is applying miRNA discoveries to develop molecular diagnostics, which will provide individualized information on the likelihood of disease occurrence and response to certain types of therapy.


has a mission is to integrate the world’s genomic data, enabling researchers and clinicians to develop unprecedented biomedical insights and improve human health. NextBio has built a powerful platform to aggregate, correlate and interpret world’s collections of private and public genomic data.


has developed a Business-to-Business (B2B) knowledgebase and data analytics solution for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, national health systems, and health plans to more meaningfully analyze and apply the vastly increasing array of pharmacogenetic data.

Recombinant Data

offers life sciences software solutions for translational research. Their standard software packages are toolkits and frameworks for establishing translational research data warehouses and the analytics utilities to maximize use of those data assets.


has developed a web-based, personalized path to health, wellness and performance called InsideTracker™. InsideTracker is the only science-based plan that analyzes a sample of blood and, in conjunction with individual goals for health or athletic achievement, provides a personalized nutrition and wellness plan, tailored to signature biochemistry.

Station X

is developing software products for scientists and clinicians who work with large-scale human genome information in both research or clinical settings, enabling extraction of maximal biological meaning from complex genomic data.

TcLand Expression

offers to Pharma / Biotech partners expertise in the development of companion diagnostics, based on its Gene Expression Biomarkers platform. On the proprietary biomarker end, partnered companion diagnostics will be developed with an integrated approach.


proprietary platform allows health care providers to automatically generate personalized educational videos for their patients, in a way that is friendly, easy to understand and available on any device. The platform is designed to support many applications, such as describing the proper use of their medication, surgical procedure, discharge instructions and more.

Telome Health

technology will analyze tissue samples to provide customers with accurate and reliable analyses of telomere biology. This data will be generated by research scientists for the research market, and by qualified personnel in a CLIA certified laboratory for the regulated consumer and pharmaceutical markets.

Tissue Genesis

seeks to advance tissue engineering and cell therapy solutions that save lives and improve the quality of life for patients with illness and disease. Tissue Genesis focuses on using a patient’s own (autologous) adipose (fat) derived stem cells (ADSCs) to treat many severe and previously untreatable conditions such as heart disease, vascular disease, orthopedic and spine injury, and soft tissue and reconstructive repair.

Translational Software

enables laboratories to deliver services to the clinical market more effectively. Their first product,, addresses barriers to routine genetic testing such as test ordering and interpretation of results; it also establishes an “app store” for decision support algorithms empowering physicians to order pharmacogenetic tests and receive clinical guidance.


develops protease inhibitors for the treatment of autoimmune and liver diseases, neuropathic pain, and cancer. Their virtual model of drug discovery and development combines expertise with the resources of contract research and global manufacturing facilities for cost-effective and efficient development.


aims to dramatically improve patient health with the world’s first, non-invasive, diagnostic test for early lung cancer detection: LuCED™. Additional diagnostic tests for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), bladder cancer and other cancer types will follow.


offers several annual subscription plans combining leading edge diagnostics with expert medical care. Individuals have their blood drawn either at home or their gym and receive the results through the state of the art platform, which leverages behavioral game mechanics and consumer web UX design to bring healthcare into the 21st century. Individuals review their results in consultations with expert practitioners who not only interpret the results but also create a custom plan to help the individual achieve their health goals.


is a "Personalized Marketplace for Healthy Living," that bridges online and offline commerce and nudges the mainstream user towards convenient, healthier choices. They are creating personalize grocery lists, meal plans, physical activity adventures and approaches to sleep according preferences, location, budget and health goals. Integrated with Withings, Zeo and Fitbit, the application also helps to close the loop on tracking progress towards goals, and dynamically updating recommendations. Physicians and other care provider will be able to prescribe Zipongo, as a place people can trust to facilitate the right purchases and plans for themselves and their families.

  Past Winners
PMWC Israel Most Promising CompanyQuantaLife recently developed theDroplet Digital™ Polymerase Chain Reaction (ddPCR™) System, a next generation of PCR that providesan absolute quantification measurement of single molecules in nanoliter droplet form. The company was founded in August 2008; 3 years later (Oct 5, 2012) it has been acquired by Bio-Rad for US$162M.
For the release on their award click here.
PMWC Israel Most Promising CompanyApplied Immune Technologies (AIT) is a drug development company specializing in T-Cell Receptor-Like (TCRL) antibodies that are targeted to intracellular-derived peptides for a variety of therapeutic and diagnostic applications. AIT is also focused on identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets.
For the release on AIT's award click here.
PMWC Israel Most Promising CompanyNodality is a South San Francisco CA-based biotechnology company focused on developing highly predictive tests to enable biologically-informed clinical treatment decisions in patients with cancer and autoimmune disease. The Company's proprietary technology, Single Cell Network Profiling (SCNP), was developed in the laboratory of Professor Garry Nolan and licensed from Stanford University.
For the release on the award click here.

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