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PMWC 2011 Testimonials


"PMWC provides a valuable insight for physicians and others who may be wondering how close we are getting to realizing the arrival of personalized medicine.  The conferences are helpful in understanding where and how the envelope is being pushed"
-Dr. Peter Yu, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

"The PMWC 2011 was incredibly well-attended, had a substantial range of topics and a relevant venue. The parallel track's Personalized Medicine tutorial was very valuable to me."
-Dr. Robert Chew, Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital, Singapore

"The PMWC 2011 broadening my horizons about how far personalized medicine has advanced, what the key actionable fields are to focus our efforts on now, and what future challenges and prospects there will be, all in the context of an ever more technology-driven and social media-connected society."
-Dr. Leslie Manace, Kaiser Permanente

“The PMWC 2011 was an excellent conference, providing sufficient breadth and depth in the content and presenters. The speakers and company presentations were especially beneficial.”
-Dr. Nirdesh Gupta, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

"I thought the PMWC 2011 was excellent! Motivating, cutting edge, lots of excitement for future health care and wellness. I also liked the format - a mixture of talks and panel sessions. It seemed there was something for everyone at the conference."
-Susie Brain, Stanford Hospital & Clinics

"The line-up of speakers and participants was fabulous! On behalf of my colleagues at UCSF and the Center for Translational and Policy Research on Personalized Medicine (TRANSPERS), we congratulate you on a well-organized conference."
-Kathryn Phillips, UCSF and the Center for Translational and Policy Research on Personalized Medicine

"I am an early stage start-up interested in PM applications and wanted to get an overview of the current state and issues in the area. The PMWC provided me with just what I needed."
-Gary A. Flynn, Spacefill Enterprises LLC

"The PMWC 2011 was excellent: perhaps the highest concentration of industry/research thought leaders I've seen in one place for two days--even compared to conferences like BIO."
-Peter Matlock, California Applied Biotechnology Centers

"I thought PMWC 2011 was a fabulous conference. Coming from academia, I attend a lot of "science" conferences and I found it very refreshing to have speakers working on personalized med from all aspects of the field -- biotech, VC, IP, FDA, NIH, etc. Content was excellent and I felt there was plenty of networking time."
-Neil Sheehy, Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease



"PMWC 2011 was an extremely well organized conference that addressed all of the salient issues facing personalized medicine- the science that underpins it, the regulatory framework that governs it and the markets that drive its development and adoption. In addition, PMWC, a Silicon Valley-based conference, offered emerging personalized medicine companies an opportunity to showcase their latest innovations, reminding us how exciting the field is. The Personalized Medicine Coalition was pleased and proud to have participated in it.”
-Edward Abrahams, President, Personalized Medicine Coalition

"Congratulations on a terrific conference – great speakers and attendees, well-managed, a fantasic ambiance – I have seen very few at this level."
-Brian Buxton, Principal & Co-founder, Easton Associates

"I very much enjoyed your conference - well organized and an outstanding program!"
-Dr. Felix Frueh, VP R&D Personalized Medicine, Medco Health Solutions, Inc.

“We were delighted to co-host the PMWC 2011 Company Competition. The high caliber of companies in the personalized medicine space further reiterated the overall quality of the Program speakers, panelists and attendees. The PMWC 2011 was a refreshing addition to the health care conference scene.”
-Melinda Richter, Founder & CEO, Prescience International

"I go to personalized meetings all the time, but I seldom see such the all-star cast that presented at the PMWC. I also heard about new initiatives and insights that I had not heard before."
-David Ewing Duncan, Author, Experimental Man


Emerging Company Presenters

"It helped in introductions to other personalized medicine companies with whom we could explore strategic relationships. It also provided an opportunity for us to meet and set up appointments for follow-up with VC groups interested in investing in personalized medicine (and Health IT) start-ups."
-John Armstrong, Lead Horse Technologies

"PMWC 2011 was a great learning experience.  We learned about the many strengths of the emerging technologies and companies, and were able pick up on some areas where we need improvement as a result of some of the discussions we had after our presentation."
-Paul Henderson, Accelerated Medical Diagnostics

"The PMWC 2011 was a wonderful experience. I saw quite a few people I knew and enjoyed the format, which is quite different than typical conferences."
-Angela Bitting, Auxogyn



"This was a great opportunity to introduce our organization to a new group of biotech professionals. Very smart group of people!"
-Laura Soule, Senior Marketing Coordinator, American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)

“The PMWC 2011 was a great conference and the quality of talks was exceptional! Cureline gained exposure to a diverse attendee pool and were very satisfied with our decision to exhibit.”
-Irina Zaytseva, Cureline, Inc

PMWC 2010 Testimonials

“I thought the conference was extremely well run...and I have to tell you...I'm quite the uber critic! My congratulations to your entire team. It is a huge effort.”
Carla Scheifly, Stanford Hospital & Clinics


“The conference was great - I particularly liked the broad mix of presenters.I learned a lot and I now know what resources are available.”
Louise Johnson, Senior Consultant, Regulatory Affairs, Biologics Consulting Group


“Thanks for organizing this meeting. It was a fantastic meeting and I thoughtI got a lot for my money with the line of speakers that attended. The company presentations were very interesting and probably the most useful ones from an investor/entrepreneur perspective. The meeting provided lots of good information and the panel discussions discussed very useful, unscripted information. I am planning to attend the second PMWC meeting as well.
Andreas Huhmer, Thermo Fisher Scientific


“Thank you for allowing me to attend this outstanding meeting. I've become very interested in completely changing the approach to treating cancer patients based on the intensive use of personalized medicine.”
Professor Anthony Blau, Co-Director, Institute for Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine


“Thanks for all your hard work in running a great conference. Also, I think we made some significant contacts, thanks to you.”
Ed Hallberg, Ombudsman Press (start-up showcased in the PMWC 2010 company competition)


“Thank you for such an amazing conference! It was well organized, great speakers and a huge turnout. We look forward to next year.”
Cynthia Mahood Levin, Stanford Hospital & Clinics


“Tal, you guys did a great job. I've been to many conferences on personalized medicine. This was the best. Lots of energy, great speakers. Very well done.”
David Resnick, Partner, Nixon Peabody


“Thanks again for putting on such a wonderful conference last week. It was the most enjoyable conference I've attended in many years.” Michael L. Penn, Business Development, Genentech


“[I wanted to] congratulate you and PMWC for pulling off such a well rounded conference. The content was rich and represented many stakeholders, which I thought differentiated the conference.”
Sue Siegel, Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures


“Thank you for inviting us to attend the personalized medicine conference. It was incredibly resourceful and inspiring. It was a great experience for us and made several contacts that we would not have otherwise. We are very grateful to both of you for always including us in your great ventures. It was a truly amazing event and we were thrilled to be part of it.” Carol Penfold-Patterson, co-founder, IncellDx (start-up showcased in the PMWC 2010 company competition)

“PMWC was a well organized conference with interesting presentations ranging from area experts to entrepreneurs. The conference attracted a diverse audience and provided many great networking opportunities.”
Rowan Chapman, Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures

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